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The safeguarding of all children and staff is paramount to our school. Our safeguarding statement can be viewed on our main entrance door and any further safeguarding concerns/issues can be raised in confidence by contacting:

Helen D'cruz the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Debbie Thomas (DSL) or our Safeguarding Governors (Dr Sarah Montgomery and Miss Stacey McShane and contactable through the school office).

On a daily basis, we ask that parents direct all enquiries to the school office (please note the handy post box by the main office window). All visitors to the school can be identified by a visitor name badge, and are asked to sign in and out of the main security door for fire/safety reasons.


During wet/frosty mornings, the main entrance door will be manned by staff and opened to all children at 8.35am to access the school quickly and safely. School starts at 8.45am each day; there is a member of staff on duty in each playground from 8.35am when KS2 children can enter school going straight through to their KS2 playground.


Children go straight into class when they come into school at 8.40am. This is a much more settled way for children to begin their school day and whilst they are in class they will be engaging in learning too!

There will be no need for parents to stay beyond 8.40am and this will help to reduce the traffic build at the beginning of the school day. There will be at least one member of senior staff on the gate and in most cases two from 8.35am to take messages from parents/carers and to welcome children into school. There will be no whistle to signify the beginning of the day as all children will be happily settled in class. There will be a member of staff on duty in the KS2 playground from 8.35-8.40am. At 8.40am children will go into class. Please do not bring your children into school before 8.35am as they will not be supervised.


Parents are requested to be at the front of the school, on the bricked "waiting area" to collect their child at 3.15pm when school finishes. Years R-2 staff will only release pupils once the staff member physically sees the person responsible for collecting them.  KS2 parents should also wait to collect their child from the front KS1 playground, where the teachers will release their pupils. If, for any reason, you arrange for someone different to collect your child from school, please let us know so that we can inform both your child and their teacher. Children of parents who arrive later than 3.25pm will find their children waiting at the School Office.

In Years 5/6 parents may make the individual decision that their child is responsible enough to make their own way home from school and will not be collected by an adult.  To ensure everybody's safety, please will parents contact the office to complete a Safely Home form authorising this.

For everyone's safety all children are asked to stay off the outdoor play equipment and grassed areas at the end of the day.  Again for safety, all bikes and scooters are to be pushed (not ridden) into the playground and stored securely in the bike racks.

If you know that your child will absent from school for any reason (medical appointments etc), please write a note to let us know before the day of absence. If your child has become too ill to attend school, then please phone the school that morning, between 8.00 am and 9:30 am. We are required by law to record all unexplained absences as unauthorised, and receive regular visits from the Educational Welfare Officer to monitor attendance.

Pupils who are late should report directly to the school office with their parent. Unless a reasonable explanation is given by parents, any unexplained lateness, is marked in the register as an unauthorised absence. Arriving late makes a less than smooth start to the school day for your child, and may make them feel less comfortable and settled than the rest of their class; also losing them valuable learning time in the work routines set out by teachers "first thing".

You can view all Policies on our Policies page: